FAQ for Coaches


The company, at which I’m already listed as a coach, has contacted me and stated that KLAITON is their new outsourcing partner for their coaching management and that all future coaching requests will be handled by KLAITON. What does this mean?

Managing multiple small-scale coaching requests is a tedious process, especially for larger companies. Leaders and experts in the organisation send coaching requests to HR; HR typically has a list stored with contact information of coaches. They identify a suitable person and contact this person by email. All communication is sent through email: forms, CVs, invoices. This means a lot of administrative hassle, as the company has multiple service providers as well as information that is not centralised nor structured. Most of the time, there is also no ongoing quality assurance or a structured feedback process.

As an outsourcing partner, KLAITON takes over all coaching requests. This means that a leader or expert within the organisation can request a coaching session via online form; KLAITON will recommend three coaches within 48 hours. The client decides on a coach and the process starts. HR can view the status of all requests at any time via dashboard.

Our goal is to have the client, the coach and HR concentrate on the essentials: the content. The administrative process should be handled in a modern, efficient and digital manner.

When joining the KLAITON coach pool, you're not only listed as coach for the original organisation that prompted you to apply – you're also listed for all other organisations working with KLAITON.

Do I need special software or apps to receive coaching requests via KLAITON?

No – the only thing you need is a computer and an internet connection. After you've completed our selection process, you can log in and apply for the coaching requests that were sent to you.

Admission process

What are the requirements to become part of the KLAITON coach community?

To be able to create a profile on the KLAITON platform and enjoy the benefits of the KLAITON community, you will need to go through a selection process. Find more information on the process here.

One of the requirements is a ‘certification with at least 110 study hours’ – that doesn’t sound too much. Most certified coaches have a lot more experience – why is your limit this low?

We share this thought – almost. Because there are always exceptions. For example, the top executive who has worked at board level and gained very valuable experience – and then decided to become an executive coach, doing a short coach training. Sometimes, such profiles are just the ones our clients are looking for and we'd like to empower that. We, of course, need to be convinced of methodical competence, regular training, and highest integrity. On average, the coaches listed with KLAITON have a significantly higher amount of training hours.

Why do you focus on business coaching only and do not offer life coaching or social counseling?

Our clients are large organisations. The coaching sessions they're willing to support (and pay) should always have a connection to their business. As our coachees are mainly working as leaders or top experts within these organisations and therefore have high demands based on their complex work realities (e.g. matrix structures, multitasking, work overload), we require our listed coaches to have a pronounced understanding of business contexts.

I have many years of experience and completed many top trainings. I think my resume speaks for itself. Why is it necessary to go through the online registration to be listed as a coach with KLAITON?

It is said that a selection process gains quality with the amount of different perspectives one assumes. During our face-to-face interview, we will get to know you personally, but the references we receive and the self-assessment you do give us even more input to process. The online procedure we use has been tested for decades and gives us valuable insight into personal behavioral preferences, values, motives and personal interests. This provides us with a full image of you as a person and will also help us match coachees and coaches in an optimal way.

I am a managing director of a small company with some employees – can we register ourselves as a company?

KLAITON enables organisations that have regular coaching needs to access a selective pool of proven, excellent coaches. This is why KLAITON only accepts applications from individuals – not coaching companies. However, it is possible for many coaches from one company to be listed with KLAITON – they just all have to go through the same selection process.

Advantages of KLAITON

What’s in it for me to part of the KLAITON community?

KLAITON represents a strong acquisition channel for exciting coaching inquiries and gives you the opportunity to be listed as a coach with new organisations. If you have already been listed with an organisation and now have to re-qualify, this may seem tedious at first. However, you will see that our processes are simple and that being matched to a coachee will be smoother than it has ever been. You'll also be listed for other organisations KLAITON works with.

The KLAITON community is a network of highly competent and experienced (business consultants and) coaches. As part of this community, you'll have the chance to regularly exchange knowledge with like-minded people. We guarantee structured feedback after each completed coaching process. Last but not least; with KLAITON, you no longer have to worry about invoicing, as this is fully automated.


How many coaching requests per year can I expect?

Unfortunately, this is difficult to say at the moment… and it will depend on how many organisations will use our company solution, i.e. outsourcing their entire coaching management. We are currently talking with a large number of organisations about this and expect demand to be high.

What is the extent of a typical coaching request?

Most organisations specify an amount of hours or minutes for one approved coaching process. Our current standard is set at 300 minutes. How these 300 minutes are used, is up to you and your coachee. The only restriction is that an approved coaching process is only valid for one full year from the date it was approved.

How do the steps of a new coaching request look like?

The coachee creates a request via our tool. This is matched with the profiles of our listed coaches. Specialisation or language play a role here. The eligible coaches will then receive an email with information about the new request and are able to apply or express their interest and add a few words to their reply. The coachee receives all applications and decides on a coach, based on the application and online profile. You will then either receive a confirmation email and get in touch with your coachee to make an appointment – or a rejection email.

During the entire process, KLAITON is by your side, ready to answer questions or support where necessary.

Pricing & invoicing

How does pricing work? Can I ask what I want or does KLAITON provide certain criteria?

With every coaching request, an hourly rate is stated. Based on this information, you can decide whether to accept the request or not.

    Do I have to invoice the client myself?

    No. You invoice KLAITON, not the end client. However, this is done automatically for you! By the third business day of each month, you log the coaching sessions you have carried out during the past month, including the number of minutes, in our tool. The tool then automatically creates an invoice. On the same day, KLAITON creates an invoice for all coaching sessions of all coaches within that month for the client. Once this invoice is settled, we settle your invoice as well.

    Which currency is used to charge coaching sessions if I am working outside the eurozone?

    The invoice for a coaching session is always generated in EUR, even if the coach is working outside the eurozone.

    Does KLAITON receive a commission?

    No. The KLAITON service is free for our coaches. Our customers pay a fee for outsourcing their coaching management.

    What kind of support does KLAITON provide in case clients pay late or not at all?

    KLAITON takes care of reminding clients regularly and handles all related expenses. In the case of a client not paying at all (e.g. due to bankruptcy), we cannot assume responsibility and will therefore also not be able to pay the coach – however, in this case we will stop working with the client.

    Rights & obligations

    Do I have to apply to every coaching request?

    No – of course not. If a request is published, you decide whether you would like to apply or not.

    Does KLAITON have a competition clause?

    No, we don't. KLAITON does not require any exclusivity. Feel free to serve your existing clients outside of KLAITON, register with other platforms, and do whatever you did before KLAITON.

    Confidentiality & Data Protection

    How does KLAITON use the data stored about me?

    Find all the information regarding confidentiality & data protection in our privacy policy or rather in Item 14 of our Framework Contract Coaching.

    Which obligations arise for me as a coach regarding the coachees on the subject of data protection?

    As a coach, you are obliged to abide by the applicable data protection provisions under the European General Data Protection Regulation (if in Europe) or the applicable Data Protection Law of the country in which the coaching takes place. Find more information on this topic in Item 13 of our Framework Contract Coaching, which you will have to accept prior to your registration.

    FAQ for Coachees


    What is coaching?

    Coaching is temporary professional guidance in a process of personal change, tailored to your individual needs. Coaching always has a defined objective, takes place in a professional context and serves the evolution of learning and performance processes. Coaching is solution- and future-oriented, uses your available resources and, in general, improves self-reflection and self-awareness. So essentially, coaching helps you to help yourself.

    I have never worked with a coach. What are typical occasions for coaching and how do I know whether coaching will be what I need in my situation?

    First and foremost, you have to be proactive to initiate coaching. It is you who decides whether you consider coaching useful. However, that does not mean that this opinion can’t change. In general, it is never wrong to be interested in coaching or request coaching – yet in conversations with your manager or HR or during the first session with a coach, you might discover that another form of guidance such as a training or psychotherapy might be better suited to your needs. In such a case, the coaching process simply is discontinued.
    Typical occasions for coaching include a change of your professional role, different leadership challenges, major change processes, desire for personal growth, career development, intense stress situations, and more. So it is a situation during which you want to have a 100 % confidential conversation on an equal footing with an impartial/neutral sparring partner in order to regain your balance, to guarantee sustainable management or to have in-depth discussions about important issues.

    What is the difference between coaching and consulting or training?

    In consulting, experts provide inputs; in training, you gain knowledge and improve skills and talents. A coach generally does not provide explanations, but rather they guide a process in order to strengthen or bring out your available resources.

    What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

    Coaching is exclusively aimed at “healthy” individuals and focuses mainly on professional issues and challenges. Coaching is always future-oriented and deals with the following question: “What can I do to feel better in the future and achieve my objectives?” Therapy, on the other hand, is aimed at persons with mental illnesses. These may be caused by private or professional reasons. Therapy is often about coming to terms with the past and searching for underlying causes. So therapy tries to find an answer to the following question: “Why do I feel bad in this situation?” A good coach is skilled at drawing the line between coaching and therapy and will, by their own accord, refer you to a therapist if issues come to light which can not be dealt with professionally within a coaching situation.

    Process & procedure

    I have made an inquiry via the KLAITON platform. What happens next?

    As soon as you submit your inquiry, it will be forwarded to your HR/staff department. They will probably contact you (except if you have already talked to them before), clarify questions that might arise (e.g. whether you have already discussed your inquiry with your manager) and then release the inquiry. From this point in time, you can count on receiving a suggestion of 3 suitable coaches from us within 48 hours.

    What happens if I don’t like any of the coaches applying to my inquiry via KLAITON?

    Our suggestion of 3 coaches consists of coaches that have passed a four-step admittance procedure and thus meet the highest quality criteria of the market. Furthermore, we only include coaches in our suggestion who are particularly well-versed in the issue that you indicated (your “main cause” for the coaching, such as conflict, management or stress) and who also meet all other requirements that you specified. Finally, within these requirements, we try to give you a choice of three coach profiles that are as heterogeneous as possible so that you get the opportunity to choose from very different types. Despite that: should none of the suggested coaches correspond to your wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution together.

    I already know a coach and would like to work with them again. Is that possible?

    You are very welcome to indicate your preference when submitting the inquiry via our platform (there is a field for special remarks). Then there are two possibilities: In case this coach is already listed in our pool (you can clarify that in direct contact with the coach), we will ensure that you will be suggested this coach instead of receiving a suggestion of 3 coaches. In case this coach is not (yet) listed in our pool, HR will decide whether we will conduct a quick admittance procedure in order to include the coach or whether it would be better if you resorted to the coaches already listed in our pool.

    I have made my decision regarding a coach. What next?

    The coach will contact you in order to arrange a time for the first session.

    In what interval do coaching sessions take place and how long does one session take?

    When your coaching inquiry is released by HR and you made your decision regarding a coach, a certain amount of time (e.g. 300 minutes) for coaching sessions will be released. Of course this does not mean that all coaching processes will take this long. Sometimes 3x 1 hour is enough to deal with all issues, other times more than 5 hours are needed. The duration of sessions and intervals depend on your issue, your time availability and the priority – and on your ability and capacity to productively deal with the issues discussed from one session to the next. Very few sessions will take under an hour – the first session often takes a little longer than that. In many coaching processes, several weeks may elapse between one session and the next.

    I received a request for feedback after the coaching process. What will KLAITON do with my feedback?

    At the end of your coaching process, we will ask you to provide feedback about the coaching and your coach. We will use this feedback in order to collect as much information as possible about the coaches listed in our pool and be able to assign them to optimally matching coachees in the future, too. Therefore you contribute to guaranteeing the quality of coaching services commissioned via KLAITON in the long run. Your company, too, will find out about your satisfaction with the services commissioned to you and how much you feel that you benefitted.

    I want to continue working with a coach after the conclusion of a process. Is that possible?

    It may occur that, upon using up the allocated amount of time, you realise that you will need more time in order to deal with objectives and issues that you defined in a more in-depth manner. This might particularly be the case in situations of major change, when taking over new management roles, etc. In that case, you simply submit an inquiry for a follow-up coaching at the end of the first coaching process.


    How does KLAITON ensure that the platform includes only top coaches who are well-versed in the subject?

    The coaches have to pass a multi-stage admittance process before being enabled to create a profile on the KLAITON platform. After a CV screening and an introductory meeting (mostly by telephone), which clarifies whether the coach meets the fundamental requirements, they pass an online assessment. Afterwards, we meet them personally in an interview to enquire about and verify their professional and methodical expertise as well as their demeanour, personality and values. Finally, we seek references by clients and/or customers that the coach has accompanied.

    We have very high standards. Besides at least five years of experience in coaching and an evidence of accordingly performed coaching sessions, we ascertain that a coach has regular supervision, regularly attends further training and, e.g. for coaching at a certain management level, has gained specific management experience in a similar context.

    Do I have to choose a coach “merely” based on their profile or can I talk to them before making my decision?

    In general, you make your decision based on the profile – the first meeting is a “real” coaching session already, not “just” an introductory meeting. Our experience has shown that this is the most efficient way to achieve positive change and effective results as soon as possible. However, in case the chemistry isn’t right or you decide that this coach is not right for you – for whatever reason – don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find an alternative coach for you.

    What happens if I don’t feel comfortable with a coach and I want to change in the middle of the coaching process?

    You can contact us at any time to discuss your concerns. We will do our best to provide optimal support and take all necessary action. Naturally, you always have the option to discontinue a coaching process – only if both parties are convinced of the benefit of the connection will the process have a real chance of success.

    Confidentiality & data protection

    Who can see my coaching inquiry?

    If you submit a coaching inquiry via KLAITON, it is exclusively your HR department, the KLAITON team responsible for the matching process and the coaches that we contact who can see the – anonymised – inquiry (i.e. without a name; only the main subject of your inquiry and your additional comments/notes are visible). Your contact data will not be released for a coach until you have chosen one and confirmed your choice.

    Who will have access to information about the contents of my coaching sessions?

    No one but you and the coach you chose will have access to information about the contents of your coaching sessions! There is absolute, 100 % confidentiality between you and your coach.

    Organisation & contact

    Will I have a real contact person at KLAITON or is KLAITON “just” a platform?

    Of course there are real contact persons at KLAITON. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time – whether you have questions while submitting your coaching inquiry, want to discuss issues concerning your ongoing coaching or have technical problems: send an e-mail to coachingsupport@klaiton.com, we are at your service and we can certainly provide support.

    Does KLAITON only place coaches, or can I find trainers, mediators, etc., too?

    For the time being, KLAITON focuses on the placement of coaches. The placement of management consultants is a separate service that KLAITON offers, which is visible on our website klaiton.com, independently from coaching management. If you are looking for trainers, have a look at the website of our partner, the Haufe Academy: https://www.haufe-akademie.de/l/en/