FAQ for coaches


The company, at which I’m already listed as coach, contacted me and stated that KLAITON is their new outsourcing partner for their coaching management and that all future coaching requests will be handled by KLAITON. What does this mean?

Managing multiple small-scale coaching inquiries is a tedious process, especially for larger companies. The executive staff sends coaching inquiries to HR, and HR somewhere has an Excel list with contact information of coaches. They identify a suitable person and is contacted by email. All communication is sent through email: forms, scans, and even invoices. This means a lot of administrative hassle, as the company has multiple service providers as well as information that is not centralized nor structured. There's also no ongoing quality assurance or a structured feedback process.

As an outsourcing partner, KLAITON takes over all coaching inquiries. This means that a client can request a coaching session via e.g. an online form; KLAITON will recommend three coaches within a short period of time. The client decides on a coach and the process starts. HR can view the status of all inquiries at any time, via our dashboard.

Our goal is to have our client, our coach and HR concentrate on the essentials: the content. The process and the administration should be handled in a modern, efficient and digital manner.

When joining the KLAITON coaching pool you're not 'only' listed as coach for the original company that prompted you to apply – you're also listed for all other KLAITON companies.

Do I need special software or apps to receive inquiries via KLAITON?

No – the only thing you need is a computer and an internet connection. After you've completed the selection process, you can log in and apply for inquiries.

Admission process

What are the requirements to become part of KLAITON’s coach community?

To be able to create a profile on KLAITON's platform and enjoy the benefits of the KLAITON community, you'll need to go through a selection process. Find more information on the process here.

One of the requirements is a ‘certification after 110 study hours’ – that doesn’t sound too much. Most certified coaches have way more experience – why is your limit this low?

We share this thought – almost. Because there are always exceptions. For example, the top executive who has worked at board level and gained very valuable experience – but then decided to become an executive coach and took on a short coaching training. Sometimes such profiles are just the ones our clients are looking for and we'd like to empower that. We, of course, need to be convinced that methodological competence, regular training, and highest integrity are present. On average our listed coaches do have a significantly higher amount of training hours.

Why do you focus on the economic sector and delimit life and social counseling?

Our clients are large companies. The coaching sessions they're willing to support (and pay) should always have a connection to their business. As our clients are mainly working as a manager, having high demands and working with complex business realities (e.g. matrix structures, multitasking), we require our listed coaches to have a pronounced basic understanding of economic contexts.

I have many years of experience and completed many high level trainings. I think my resume speaks for itself. Why is it necessary to go through the online application to be listed as coach at KLAITON?

It is said that a selection process gains quality once the amount of different perspectives grows. During our face to face interview, we will get to know you, but we'd also like to have some references and the self-assessment, through our online application. The online procedure we use has been tested for decades, which gives us valuable insight into personal behavioral preferences, values, motives and personal interests. This provides us with a full image of the person and will also help us match clients with your profile later on.

I am a managing director of a small company with some employees – can we register ourselves as company, team or as individuals?

KLAITON enables companies that have regular coaching needs to access a selective pool of proven, excellent coaches. This is why KLAITON only accepts applications from individuals, that become part of the community in the event of admission. At the same time, we have nothing against individuals from small coaching/consulting/organization development companies applying on our website and presenting themselves on KLAITON's website when admitted.

Advantages of KLAITON

What’s in it for me when being part of the KLAITON community?

KLAITON represents a strong acquisition channel for exciting coaching inquiries and gives you the opportunity to act as a coach within companies new to you. If you have already been listed in a company and now have to re-qualify, this may seem tedious at first. However, you will see that our processes are simple and smoother than before. Youll also be listed for other companies KLAITON works with.

The KLAITON community is a network of highly competent and experienced (business consultants and) coaches. As part of this community, youll have the chance to regularly exchange knowledge with like-minded people. We guarantee structured feedback after each completed coaching process. Last but not least; with KLAITON you no longer have to worry about invoicing, as this is fully automated.


How many coaching inquiries per year can I expect?

Unfortunately, it's difficult to say at the moment… and it will depend on how many companies will use our company solution, i.e. outsourcing their entire coaching management.

What is the extent of a typical coaching request?

Most companies don't release a coaching request per the hour, but rather a specific amount of hours or minutes. Our current standard is set at 300 minutes. How (what time or intensity) you fill these 300 minutes is up to you and your client. The only restriction is that an inquiry is valid for one full year.

How do the steps of an inquiry look like?

The client creates a request via our tool. This is matched with the profiles of our listed coaches. Content focus or language play a role here, but also things like your address, when the client would like to have a coach nearby. The eligible coaches will then receive an email with information about the new request and are able to apply or express their interest and add a few words to their reply. The client receives all applications and decides on a coach, based on the application and online profile. You will either receive a confirmation email and get in touch with your client to make an appointment – or a rejection.

During the entire process, KLAITON is by your side, ready to answer questions or support where necessary.

Pricing & invoicing

How does pricing work? Can I ask what I want or does KLAITON provide certain criteria?

In collaboration with our customers, we have defined four levels in which a coach can act.

  • Management coaches are ideally suited for executives in their first management roles, for team leaders, et cetera (board -3).
  • Top management coaches are ideally suited for executives on department manager level (board -2).
  • Executive coaches are ideally suited for executives at senior level (board -1).
  • Top executive coaches are ideally suited for executives at board level.

Of course, a certain coach can be suitable for multiple levels, but usually not more than two, maximum three. The classification/alignment is done internally within KLAITON during the selection process. An adjustment is then carried out continuously, as we regularly receive feedback on coaches after they've completed the coaching process.

Our listed coaches receive the pricing appropriate per level. Pricing is set as follows:

Management: 150 EUR
Top management: 180 EUR
Executive: 250 EUR
Top executive: freely definable

    Do I have to invoice the client myself?

    No. As described in the general terms and conditions, which you agree upon at the beginning of your cooperation with KLAITON, KLAITON is your contractual partner – therefore, you invoice KLAITON, not the client directly. However, this is done with a click of a button! By the third business day of each month, you log the coaching sessions you have carried out, including the number of minutes, in our tool. The tool then automatically creates the invoice. On the same day, KLAITON creates the invoice for all coaching sessions per customer. Once this invoice is settled, we settle your invoice toward KLAITON and that of other coaches.

    Does KLAITON receive a commission?

    No. KLAITON's service is free for our coaches. Our customers pay a yearly fee for outsourcing their coaching management.

    What kind of support does KLAITON provide in case customers pay late or not at all?

    KLAITON takes care of the complete dunning process and handles all related expenses.

    Rights & obligations

    Do I have to apply on every inquiry?

    No – of course not. If an inquiry is published by a company or client, you decide whether you would like to apply or not.

    Does KLAITON have a competition clause?

    No, we don't. KLAITON does not require any exclusivity. Feel free to serve your existing customers outside of KLAITON, register with other platforms, and do whatever you did before KLAITON.