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100 questions for performance that matters

100 thought-provoking questions leaders should ask themselves – individually, with their teams, and for their organizations – to create sustainable impact.

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Together with the Global Peter Drucker Forum we co-created a booklet with 100 questions to help management and leaders to steer their work towards performance that matters.

The questions are an outcome from workshops with over 90 participants from more than 20 countries and across 5 continents where we guided them through various creative formats to come up with questions that could help others in situations of change.

What were the situations in which you grew most as a leader? In which your team made the biggest leap? In which your organization took a huge step forward?

Questions are powerful. The right question at the right time can change everything. Good questions can steer conversations into new directions; they can start complex, creative thought-processes; they can enable people to realize mistakes and organizations to re-define entire strategies.

Start asking questions now!

We will send you for the next 30 weeks 1 question per week - we already handpicked the top 30 questions for you!

You can use it

... for simple inspiration

... as part of a workshop design

... to challenge your team

... or to kick-start a weekly meeting.

And if you can't get enough of these questions - you can also download the booklet in the emails you will be receiving.

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