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Technical Project Director Power Plants

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Dirk Wernicke

Interimmanager with 25+ years experience in the powerplant-sector


from 08.01.24 fulltime

Daily rate

EUR 1600

Special Skills

Dirk has been involved in the planning and construction of thermal power plants in a sponsoring role as managing director. The operation of the respective district heating system (grid and generation), including technical and economic optimization, was part of his area of responsibility in each case

Bernd Krois

experienced interim manager with profound expertise in the Powerplant sector


from 15.01.2024 5 days/week fulltime onsite is fine

Daily rate

1.550 EUR

Special Skills

Diploma in mechanical engineering - training in process engineering - small to large power plants, biomass - nuclear power plant - patent applications - managed projects up to 160 MW - thermal engineering - productivity increases


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